What Does the Black Saltire Mean to You?

What Does the Black Saltire Mean to You?

Throughout Scotland many have been displaying the ‘Black Saltire’ and it inspires different feelings and energies in different ways to all of us. Maybe it’s only meant to be personally translated and not labeled, but there is no mistake it is beginning to become a powerful visual statement in our country.

Our country’s flag, our Saltire, our symbol, has been dragged through the mud in recent times. Through this process many, especially younger generations, now see it as a symbol of division – something that is now stigmatic of particular political views that could easily start an argument at a bar, and almost certainly on social media.

This banner, agreed upon by many clans of ancient warriors, was born of necessity more than any meanings; Scotsman needed to unite!

Modern Scotland is now seeing a renaissance of unity and the Saltire, absent its colour, can be seen across Scotland; a fact becoming more apparent by the day.

But what exactly does this imposing black symbol mean? At first glance I’m left wondering. Where is the colour? Where did the colour go? What happened to my flag?!

There is no greater way to find answers than to look at the current mood of the country. Scottish families are being locked in their homes, grandparents are being told they are not allowed to see their kin, children are living lives of fear, and those who speak out are being arrested. Although a bleak scene can be painted, the people who live in fear and despair are not the ones who bear the Black Saltire.

The ones who wield the banner stand out as the most courageous of Scots. Where fear is absent, love has entered as a protective strength seeking to defend the indefensible. I believe the energy behind this ‘freedom movement’ sweeping the country is where the meaning can be found.

Members of a movement that demand freedom for their bodies, freedom for their childrens’ bodies, and freedom over their lives, bare the Black Saltire in unity against the current environment of oppression in the country.

Individual groups which share different ideas and initiatives but are fighting for the same cause; restoration of our democracy, restoration of our liberties, and many of those are ready to take what is theirs.

Perhaps that points to an emotion I feel when looking upon the banner – this slight impression of piracy. It is stigmatic of the black flag, of course, to be flown by those who are ready to seize something. Whether that is a feeling only inspired in myself, or is maybe shared by others, it’s certainly an energy I can get behind.

To me the Black Saltire means hope. I see it as a symbol our country can be united behind and truly realize the strong society we are, all the way down to our roots! I truly believe that no matter how different the opinions are throughout this land, the common man and woman know something is deeply wrong.

I believe the banner symbolizes that, and as well calls upon those who are able to rally behind it. Something that will bring our country strength in the truly difficult times ahead.

I hope more than anything to bear my countries flag of Blue and White, the Saltire, but until the common man, and common woman, are restored to power, I will proudly rally behind this new symbol with many other proud men and women standing up for our rights!

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5 thoughts on “What Does the Black Saltire Mean to You?

  1. Like your comments re the Black Saltire. I see it as a No Quarter given because the saltire has been commandeered by the snp and when you fly it in your garden most people who do not know better take it that you are advertising Nicola Sturgeon and the snp. I will fly the Black Saltire until our other one is recognised as Scotland’s flag and not that of a political party. Where can I get a Black Saltire.

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