Scottish Parliament: FMQ’s End With Councillor’s Arrest

Scottish Parliament: FMQ’s End With Councillor’s Arrest

Key Points:

  • Activists stand near secure entrances/exits in order to face MSP’s
  • They express disdain for government handling of the Covid-19 virus
  • At protest end, in which no trouble occurred, a Councillor is arrested and charged
  • Protesters objecting to his arrest in front of the police station are threatened with arrest
  • Councillor denied access to medication during unlawful detention

Representatives from Dundee, Falkirk, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and various parts of Scotland, gathered in front of Scottish parliament to voice opinions directly to their public servants.

The strong crowd, forty of Scotland’s most outspoken activists, demanded our government recognise their regulations do not reflect the vast amount of intellectual understanding being presented by the worlds greatest scientists and doctors.

Saving Scotland Grassroots Movement Scottish Parliament Patrick 'Paddy' Hogg

As loud and powerful as the protestors were, their voices were unable to reach occupiers of the public building, those who hid behind thick concrete and were unable to hear democracy shouting from beyond the pointed steel gates.

Scottish Parliament Patrick 'Paddy' Hogg Saving Scotland Dundee Resistance Movement

The protestors spoke passionately about the cruelty that has been meted out to the elderly and vulnerable since March, and their trepidation that the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 could be extended beyond six months if MSPs don’t listen to the growing concerns of their constituents.

Daniel Clark of Dundee Resistance Movement was the first to speak and took the opportunity to remind the activists that anger can be righteous when born of love and maintained with temperance.

Patrick ‘Paddy’ Hogg arrived and brought with him amplification allowing activists to use his equipment to be heard. He provided access to expertly arranged placards displaying vetted scientific data agreed upon by multiple top scientists.

While Paddy did not ‘organise a protest’ as has been suggested, he often helped direct the speakers and ensure everyone stuck to ‘The Four Pillars of CHANGE’ a list of well articulated demands that has been received by hundreds of activists across Scotland united in their aims; health over Big Pharma greed, let food be they medicine, stand up for our children now, bail out the people now! (For more information please click here.)

Moira Brown of Dundee Resistance Movement makes a point to inform about the legislation that condenses emergency power and places it into the hands of a single individual.

Simona Panaitescu, a former activity co-ordinator with elderly care in Glasgow, and Romanian immigrant, gave a heartfelt speech about the poisons in our society and the ease of medicinal access in non-western countries.

Glasgow Resistance Scottish Parliament Holyrood Protest September 10th

Other concerned citizens took to the mic, including a representative of the Glasgow Resistance, and a mother who’s child was injured by vaccination. For daring to say something negative about vaccines, the video (below) was banned from Youtube as are all videos highlighting vaccine injury around the world.

Many voices are heard at the gates of the Scottish Parliament.
A message explaining the reason for banning the video

After the protest was ended and activists were leaving, the police moved in on the prominent speaker, Patrick ‘Paddy’ Hogg, a councillor in North Lanarkshire, to arrest him in a car park.

Outside the fortified police building which he was taken to, members of the public held signs stating ‘Free Paddy’. They too were threatened with arrest if they did not disperse.

Patrick Hogg Arrested Police Scotland Free Paddy after protest

At 8pm last night, the Lanarkshire Councillor made a statement via a public FaceBook platform known as ‘Saving Scotland – Community Aware Scotland Group‘ thanking those who sent him support and thanking the professionalism of Police Scotland. He was charged with two offences relating to the rally on Sat 5th as the ‘organiser’ and one for yesterday, all relating to gatherings of specific sizes in which he was deemed to be reckless and acting illegally in a manner relating to public health.  Paddy advised he was coerced into signing a paper refuting his right to protest under penalty of arrest. He also intimated he will be making efforts to be a voice inside the Scottish parliament in the coming May elections, a striking move that immediately harnessed a great deal of community support.

A member of the movement in contact with Paddy expressed that, during his detention, the symbolic councillor was even denied timely medication that has resulted in pain, although he remains in good spirits.

It is easy to say that the pro-human rights movement sweeping the nation is enraged that someone receiving of so much love in his community; someone seeking only to benefit at risk communities; has had his rights violated in such a way.

Patrick 'Paddy' Hogg Lanarkshire Council

Today is a gross escalation by our Scottish leaders and our resistance efforts have escalated in response.

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