Police Appear at the Homes of Co-Founders

Police Appear at the Homes of Co-Founders

Despite different aspects of our organisation being private, Dundee Resistance Movement are being surveilled by the Police. More privacy measures will now be put in place.

Masked officers appeared at the door of our founders’ homes. It is unclear how they were tipped off but approached the homes with questions about intentions to protest the Halls of Residence in Dundee where hundreds of students are currently being incarcerated.

Daniel woke up to the sounds of police speaking to his wife outside his home. He was able to take the place of his wife and advise the police they have been misinformed. Moira realized police were attempting to interview her and was able to lock her door, shouting through glass, “I am a Common Woman – I do not stand under you!” The male officer responded “That’s fine” and the two Police Offices left her property.

It is essential that we stand up to intimidation tactics. If innocent people continue to comply with the demands of those administering domestic terror from Holyrood and Westminster parliaments, things are only going to get worse.

Empower yourself by watching this video to hear John Smith explaining how Common Law works. It may be a lot to take in, but be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. We can remove ourselves from this corrupt system while retaining Social Security benefits, and NHS services, as we have paid into these via National Insurance Contributions.

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