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Moira Brown Starts Flyering, is Interviewed

Moira Brown Starts Flyering, is Interviewed

Moira was given an interview with the Evening Telegraph while recently beginning her new initiative to hand out information to citizens of Dundee every Saturday.

Ms Brown said: “People who are working are being forced to wear a muzzle over their nose and mouth for up to eight hours a day, it is barbaric.

“People with hidden disabilities are being harassed when they get on public transport without a mask on.

“We are being told we shouldn’t be traveling unless it is absolutely essential but that has been four months now and the hospitals are empty.”

“The media is ramping up fear 24/7 on radio and television and the truth is very few people are in intensive care units – for months now, the number has been fewer than five in Tayside.”

“Scotland is in a very serious situation – there is no scientific reason for restricting people’s breathing.”

“As long as the coronavirus rules are in place there will be this barbaric legislation under the guise of public health.”

Afterwards Moira brought with her a new flyer advertising an upcoming protest for freedom.

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