‘Maskless Bus’ Protest: Video

‘Maskless Bus’ Protest: Video

We will decide on a good place and time for the event to occur (still in the making) but here is the general run-down – this is open to ALL members of DRM.

Volunteers will enter the bus and spread out, all with no face coverings of course, and populate the entire bus. This will almost certainly be at a time where no mask wearers are expected to be using the route.

We are then going to create a video of someone entering the bus, speaking to the bus driver who will be playing a lead roll in the video, and stating loudly things such as “nobody on this bus is wearing a mask” or “I thought it would be scary to come on public transport without a mask, but I see its normal” etc.

It will probably be very difficult to make this serious and as well not seem staged – so right now the idea is that it will be somewhat of a parody and we will be focusing mainly on making it a good production (good footage/audio quality.)

If your interested, or have any ideas, feel free to comment at the bottom of the article or discuss it under the idea section of the forums.

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One thought on “‘Maskless Bus’ Protest: Video

  1. the bus thing could be dangerouse to ****’s job but if we can put a cameo in as driver it would be safer for him no need to drive as bus will be at stop

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