Lockdown Protests, Dundee, Scotland

Lockdown Protests, Dundee, Scotland

On the last Saturday’s of May (16,23,30) protesters gathered in Balgay/Victoria park to defy the lock-down measures.

An initial protest was planned across the United Kingdom by ultimately unknown sources on Saturday the 16th of May, and roughly 50 people attended in defiance of local guidance in Dundee.

Most members of the crowd were stationary which left an activist, Daniel Clark, to take centre stage and explain his understanding of our current predicament as a free society, and the path going forward that will see us oppressed further.

This was featured in both the Evening Telegraph and The Courier that reported this small crowd of brave individuals “pathetic” and an “ill-judged joke” as quoted from a Dundee City Councillor.

Afterwards the members who were left circled together for conversation and formed the first ‘Dundee Activist Group’ which later developed into the Dundee Resistance Movement under Moira Browns leadership.

The members of the activist group met for two more consecutive weekends to discuss ideas which resulted in the contact of over 30 local care homes to tabulate which nursing homes were being forced to take sick patients, calls to local businesses to seek support in their endeavors, contact to the local churches to seek support for further initiatives, and the idea of constructing ‘phone shields’ to smother phone communication abilities when not in use.

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