Activists Protect Peaceful Protestors, Repel Unlawful Police Attacks

Activists Protect Peaceful Protestors, Repel Unlawful Police Attacks

Key Points:

  • Activist groups from across the United Kingdom came together to protest government oppression
  • Many of the speakers were experts in their fields, including doctors, professors, and scientists.
  • Police repeatedly failed to enter the crowd
  • Thousands of men lined the outside of the protest and protected those inside
  • The events outcome succeeded in exposing the continued corporate oppression against common law citizens
  • An internal investigation has been launched against two sergeants accused of unlawful violence and breaching peace (bottom)
  • Videos of all speeches are within article (Police at bottom)

On September 26th, citizens of the United Kingdom gathered in Trafalgar Square, London, to hear from acclaimed doctors, scientists, experts, and professors, explain the many issues with what our government claims is their response to a global pandemic.

Although the mainstream narrative suggests metro police entered and dispersed the freedom rally – the truth is the complete opposite. Thousands of well coordinated ‘peace-keepers’ formed a protective wall around the tens of thousands in attendance and succeeded in preventing any violence from entering the heart of the peaceful protest.

Hours of speeches were heard and peace was kept as police were removed from the event multiple times. Many in attendance were unaware of any issues and were able to peacefully assemble without impedance. Police were only able to occupy the Trafalgar Square after the protest was completed and activists dispersed of their own volition.

As is clear from the video (bottom of article), the police presence was weak and completely isolated. They did not bother the peaceful gathering until the first speaker began.

Kate Shemirani, a qualified nurse for 35 years with a lively, feisty personality, hosted the event. In recent months she has been suspended by the Nursing and Midwifery Council for daring to criticise the NHS. The caring mum of four, who describes herself as a “Natural Nurse in a Toxic World”, has been referred to in the tabloids as ‘the most dangerous woman in Britain’.

They would likely describe another speaker – Mr Mohammad Iqbal Adil, a Consultant Surgeon as a ‘dangerous man’ because several months ago he was suspended by the General Medical Council – not for any malpractice, but for speaking out in videos he uploaded to YouTube. Within days his account was deleted and within weeks he was suspended from his job. It is believed that doctors and nurses working within the NHS are being threatened with suspension if they talk to the press about what is really going on behind closed doors.

Dr Andrew Kaufman appeared via video link on the large screen and gave a summary of how the Covid-19 drama unfolded around the world and the resulting neglect of non-Covid-19 patients and the increase in suicides (up 33% on the US).

As well as health professionals, Solicitor Robin Tilbrooke spoke about the government not allowing elections (which didn’t even happen during WWI or WWII) and the draconian Coronavirus Act 2020 which is “almost a destruction of ALL our liberties”.

System weapons expert, Mark Steele, took a electro-magnetic radiation reading in Trafalgar Square and informed the audience that it was 5,000 milli-volts which he declared illegal. The safe limit is supposed to be 200. He urged the police to “do their job” and “arrest the criminals in the telecommunications industry.”

Although the event was a success there were still many beatings for the thousands of ‘peace-keepers’ who kept police from attacking members of the rally.

Officers assaulted the men who rushed to the edge of the crowd by throwing them to the ground, striking them with batons, kicking, gouging their eyes with gloved hands, punching, elbowing, and standing on-top of them, among other unlawful acts of violence.

A formal complaint has been lodged against two sergeants caught on camera using unlawful force causing injury and breaching the peace. The complaint interestingly detailed the way in which a sergeant attempted to conceal his identity, potentially proving premeditation of his attacks against the innocent public. The investigation has been taken onboard by high ranking officers. This has been confirmed to Dundee Resistance Movement.

The Police incited trouble at approx. 15 minute intervals throughout the event by forming chains and charging at the speakers’ area to try to break up the rally. The level of intimidation increased until all officers were donned in full riot gear and dozens of mounted Police filled the side street to the West and the upper section of square. Barking Alsatian dogs were also brought along to intimidate the peaceful men, women and children who dared to criticise government policy.

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