(Video) DRM Exposes Asda Discrimination Against Disabled/Exempt Public

(Video) DRM Exposes Asda Discrimination Against Disabled/Exempt Public

Members of the community are in shock after hearing about the blatant discrimination happening in their own town.

After community members repeatedly reported harassment, intimidation, and/or abusive staff in the local Kirkton Asda, members of Dundee Resistance arrived for a maskless shop to see exactly what was causing the community to fear accessing food at this local store.

One of many citizens reaching out to the public for support after visiting a local food store.

The concerned citizens came together to do their shopping – all of them without a mask. Some were children with their parents, some disabled or exempt; and others who chose not to obstruct their breathing or display the symbolic mask for other reasons.

What transpired this evening could make even the most avid anti-freedom mask wearer demand justice; disabled members of the community were denied access to food while able bodied community members were allowed access.

The egregious acts were all documented on the video below and a full outfit of staff, barricades, and even private security, can be seen in the recording – all being used to ensure food access was controlled in the name of ‘safety.’

As seen below, when the community members approached the shop, the entrance was obstructed by a private guard who stated “just three at a time if you’re not gonna’ wear a face-mask guys.”

Making things immensely worse, the security forces announced that those with masks on were allowed to enter the shop and ushered them directly passed disabled ensuring the families were held in the steel barricades.

The members of Dundee Resistance Movement that gained access to the shop were surrounded by staff who used personal discretion to break from ASDA company policy and attempted to prevent any filming, potentially a pre-meditated obstruction of justice; evidence was gathered regardless.

As heinous as the actions of Asda staff and their hired security were, the complete contempt for the unmasked community was further expressed when a manager reached out to Dundee Resistance Movement to hide behind company procedures via e-mail.

The representative of Asda expressed they consider maskless group shopping to be a heavily restricted type of speech – protest – and that the victims here are the staff at Asda that prevented the shoppers from going unmolested.

Police Scotland, represented by Constable Reid who expressed he was acting under his oath, launched an investigation to determine if a crime had been committed by the Asda staff.

After gathering information the constable made contact with Dundee Resistance Movement and advised he was willing to convey what he witnessed if we chose to pursue this within civil courts.

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