Dundee Resistance Attends Glasgow Green ‘Stand Up’  Protest, September 6th

Dundee Resistance Attends Glasgow Green ‘Stand Up’ Protest, September 6th

Key Points:

  • Over 300 citizens gathered at Glasgow Green to protest recent government overreach
  • Famed speakers were present in the fiery protest
  • After speeches, the hundreds marched through the City
  • Full video of speeches can be found at bottom

Spirits where high as hundreds of citizens gathered to hear from fine speakers including Mark Steele, Kevin Corbett, local investigative journalist ‘Sean Speaks,’ local activist leaders like Paul Connor and Robert Sproul, residents, and a man who was left blind after living near a telecommunications mast.

Piers Corbyn was set to appear but was arrested in Sheffield and held overnight from the day before.

Hundreds of protesters march through Glasgow

The day was an escalation from previous days ‘Saving Scotland‘ in Holyrood which presented highly accredited scientists spreading the truth. The drastic escalation has shown Scotland is not populated by peasants meagerly complaining, but villagers angrily demanding, and things are expected to escalate as the government makes no inclination to change course on their increasingly oppressive ‘safety’ measures.

Sean spoke first and was raised above our heads while we gathered around to hear his words. He kicked off the protest by giving a brief summary of all of the different areas of his investigations that brought rise to recent global events.

Two of the most known speakers of our movement who both spoke at the recent 40,000 man march to 10 Downing street, Mark Steele – an energy weapons expert, and Dr Kevin Corbett, a highly experienced medical practitioner from a family of experts, gave very informative speeches which answered a great deal of the crowds questions.

After the speeches uniformed civilians gathered near the march and shut down roads to allow the march to parade unimpeded into the city centre.

The fiery spirit was with the protesters who repeated a chant echoing down streets around the world “Take off your mask!” Many onlookers honked horns and cheered in support of the parade who were clearly making a display of strength to support the city. On several occasion, passerby removed their masks and the parade erupted with cheering and clapping,

Almost all occupiers of the city, many hundreds (including police) were seen without any face coverings and the atmosphere was electric!

After the march the protesters respectfully, and quickly dispersed at the organizers request and thanked the police force that shut down traffic for the parade. People gathered once again upon the Glasgow Green where Robert Sproul made a surprising announcement.

Many were upset to find out the organiser had been harassed and charged by police in regards to the event. Sproul, an outspoken sovereign citizen, is often heard speaking about common law. It was clear these men had dishonoured the mutual respect we all shared during the march and has further added fuel to the burning fire many feel inside.

All Speeches Below

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