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Clothing, Flags, and Donations

Thank you for considering donating to the Dundee Resistance Movement.

Although all donations are private, even to us, please add a name to your note if you would kindly allow us to thank you on social media.

We focus on channeling our donations into the best avenue to assist members of our movement in resistance of government overreach. So far we have used donations to power our website, produce over 10,000 member driven flyers, and purchase materials to produce gear/placards symbolic of our movement!

We know organisation is key to combating infringements on our rights and want our members/supporters to look the part. Many different members have worked together to produce gear that shows our unity.

After donating by clicking either the PayPal button at the top or bottom of this page; feel free to request one of these items if you choose (it will have a box to type a note) as we have put rough numbers up as a guide to cover both the cost and a small donation.

If you would like an item for the cost of production please contact us on:

Dundee Resistance Movement Hoodie: 30

Dundee Resistance Movement T-Shirt: 20

Black Saltire Hat: 10

Hand Sewn Black Saltire Flag (Small): 5

Hand Sewn Black Saltire Patch: 5

Black Saltire Bumper Sticker: 3

We keep a numeric record of all donations and detailed expenditure whilst operating as a non-profit collective of people. All members of Dundee Resistance Movement are volunteers and there are no wages, or compensation, paid to any members of the movement.

All expenditure is decided on by our leadership council and are administered by the Treasurer after consensus is formed.

An updated list of our treasury ins/outs is available to all members, and donators to our movement, upon request. To make such a request e-mail: