Dundee Resistance Movement Goes to London

Dundee Resistance Movement Goes to London

The biggest freedom protest in the United Kingdom – to date

Over 35,000 people gathered in Trafalgar square to hear some of the prominent doctors, scientists, activists, celebrities, and leaders in the field – the list was exhaustive and even held a United States Senator and the most famous conspiracy researcher in the word ‘David Icke.’

During the talks which exposed the roadmap to our future under the new state of oppression, helicopters circled overhead, power was cut, arrests were made, ambulances/police circled with sirens blaring, and many claimed their phones were rendered dysfunctional.

When the majority of the speakers were able to communicate to the large crowd, in spite of the hindrance, the 35,000 people began a march onto the seat of government at 10 Downing Street.

During this time the prominent speakers were arrested; forcing others to flee and maintain their freedom.

The many thousands of people screaming “FREEDOM” at the top of their lungs, approached the residence of the U.K prime minister and announced their independence over unnatural human rights violations at the hands of our government.

Many percussion instruments were played while the protest lasted for over an hour with phrases like “Take off your masks” and “Freedom!” to the officers guarding our government officials, who refused to meet the crowd.

Officers then began to encircle the remaining group once it reduced in size and, seeing this, the group quickly dispersed in all directions. As the speakers did not arrive due to the arrests there were no prominent speeches, as planned, in front of 10 Downing Street and as well later in parliament square.

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2 thoughts on “Dundee Resistance Movement Goes to London

  1. At last the people of Scotland are rising up against this tyranny. I am a Mancunion born and bred, however my Wife Jane is a Dundonian. We love Dundee & Scotland, Broughty Ferry, Monifieth, Camperdown & Caird Park etc. Sadly there are members of Jane’s family who live in Dundee & Angus who do not share our views on the Mask wearing & Covid tyranny. They support Nicola Sturgeon- “Nuf said!” One of them tells us “You must wear a mask.” Rubbish! Glad to hear the voices of common sense. Keep up the good work.
    Stuart & Jane.l

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