Evidence Gathered Against Parliamentarians

Evidence Gathered Against Parliamentarians

The Dundee Resistance Movement has individually informed every MP (and MSP) in the United Kingdom of the ‘Covid-19’ status downgrade (see below) and advised not to vote through an extension of the Coronavirus Act 2020 or Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020.

This legislation gives an array of different corporate officials extra-judiciary powers that could be used to relentlessly terrorize innocent citizens, including powers of arbitrary detention and forced medical intervention.

Sharon Gray, one of DRM’s most motivated and able members, created the idea with Moira and took the initiative to facilitate a plan that ultimately led a team of volunteers to completion.

In total our team of volunteers (Daniel, Jackie, Kellie, Lewis, Magz, Moira, Rachel, Sarah and Sharon) sent out 800 emails over the two week period remaining before the extension. Many e-mails were replied to, acknowledging receipt by the parliamentarians.

When we visited SNP Chris Law MP’s closed-down office in Lochee, Dundee, we had already finished emailing every Member of the Scottish Parliament, (and their secretaries,) regarding the Scottish equivalent – the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020, and on September 30th we completed writing to the 650 Westminster MPs.

This was not at all to beg these Domestic Terrorists to change their minds; this would be a waste of time. The motivation behind carrying out this task was to inform every single elected representative that Covid-19 was downgraded in status from a High Consequence Infectious Disease on 19 March 2020 (see screen shot below) so they are exempt from pleading ignorance when facing justice in their future trials.

Dr Vernon Coleman, a retired GP, confirmed the significance of this downgrading in a video which he made in early April. This downgrade is seen by many U.K citizens as concrete proof of premeditated malicious intent by our elected representatives against us, the people.

These past six months, the only possibility of seeing our elected representatives has been bumping into them in a supermarket, although for all we know they could now be living in sunnier climes.

As we buy cheap plonk, or starve, MPs can afford vintage cheese and wines and put their feet up, especially after receiving an extra £10,000 expenditure allowance to help them though this pandemic.

Ironically “we’re all in this together” is their favourite mantra.

On Wednesday 30th Sept 2020, there was a 90 minute ‘debate’ among a handful of phony, bare-faced MPs ‘socially distancing’ from one another in the House of Commons.

Unsurprisingly, SNPs Westminster Parliamentary Leader, Ian Blackford MP, acted out a loud and impassioned speech against the Tory government – pointing finger at their furlough scheme and continual destruction of businesses in Scotland. I think you’ll agree it’s an impressive performance (see below).

SNPs Parliamentary Leader, Ian Blackford making a right stooshie in the House of Commons

Mr Blackford’s outrage, however, did not extend to him voting against an extension of the Coronavirus Act that allows businesses to be shut down at the behest of government dictate. It may be to Ian’s surprise that this act, among many other damages, forces businesses to become ‘Covid-safe’ preventing them from operating at full capacity and further destroying them.

Regardless of his rhetoric – his abstention shows the SNP’s acquiescence to the swift demise of Scottish business.

At 5:10pm the result was announced that 330 MPs voted for an extension of the Coronavirus Act 2020 and only 24 voted against.

Mr Blackford did not bother to vote at all. Nor did Chris Law MP for Dundee West and Stewart Hosie MP for Dundee East.

See you in court Ian, Chris and Stewart!

Among the criminals it does seem there are good men and women to be recognised. Below is the list of the 24 MP’s who voted against the extension – the only ones who have shown any semblance of humanity.

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2 thoughts on “Evidence Gathered Against Parliamentarians

  1. I am trying but i can’t understand what your raison d’etre is. What is the purpose and belief of your organisation? I can see that you are angry about politicians but your web site doesn’t explain what you disagree with. Do you think there is no virus? Or do you think it is being dealt with badly? Or what?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Scroll to the bottom of the home page to find the ‘raison d’etre’ as you put it. In short – we are a collection of human rights activists in Scotland and surrounding area.

      Give some of the articles a read to gain context and as well listen to video’s of speeches – it will surely help answer your query in more depth.

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