Dundee: Local EMF Readings With 5G Magz

Dundee: Local EMF Readings With 5G Magz

There is a great deal of talk about 5G (fifth generation) lately – is it in Dundee?

Large telecommunication masts have surfaced throughout Dundee with no appropriate briefing to locals or ministers of what this means to the communities affected.

This has been happening across our country and now, over one hundred thousand pounds has been raised by concerned community members willing to fight it in court. Recently, this has even been brought to the High Court.

EMF Radiation is regulated by an International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) who have published health guidelines aimed at limiting the exposure to electromagnetic fields.

5G Magz, Dundee Resistance Movement Administrator and member of Save Us Now, set out to different areas around Dundee in order to document levels of EMF radiation to determine if they are within the parameters set by international standards.

Areas of study include:

  • Smith Street and Clepington road
  • KFC, Baldovie Road
  • Lidl, Kingdsway East
  • Eastern Cemetery
  • Murrayfield Terrace
  • Mecca & Odeon Theatre
  • Strathmartine Road

For any questions please contact: Happymagz@protonmail.com

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